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Levitra vs cialis en espaƱol Cialis is considered the more potent of medications for women and, therefore, this is a more effective medication for men. Why is there a difference in results between women and men? There are several reasons why might be a difference between the results obtained with one medication and another. The reason for difference between men and women is not entirely clear but may come down to: Fluid retention (or lack therein) Men are generally more tolerant of medications than women. This is especially true with the flu antiviral medications especially among people who are immunocompromised (a person has had severe disease in the past which has impaired his immune system). It is also often the case that blood level of the medication needed in a specific category of women tends to be higher than in men. The same may be true of the medications used to reduce severity of fibrotic lesions, which are thought to be more prevalent in men. [2] Antivirals for treatment of menopause/chronic liver disease/hepatic insufficiency and/or other endocrine issues (including estrogen agonists) The medications for hormonal therapy may not work as well they did for women because the patient may have higher concentrations of both progesterone and estrogen than women. In a similar way patients with fibrotic lesions are often thought to be having a female hormonal condition (i.e. androgen-dependent endocrine syndrome). So, patients on androgen-dependent therapies should ideally have a lower than normal serum prolactin and estradiol level as these hormones are necessary for normal function of the reproductive system. Clinical and laboratory studies There have been several studies done to evaluate the effect of cialis on men but the results of research are contradictory. In one of these studies 35 men and 29 women cialis reduced the overall number of fibrotic lesions by 47% and the number of cysts by 56%, but also had no beneficial effect on ovarian volume. [3] In another study of 60 men taking cialis for seven weeks all of the patients reported improvements in sexual function and satisfaction. They also reported their levels of sexual desire and enjoyment increased from pre-drug day 2 to 5, and by day 6 up to 7. They also reported an improvement in erectile function for the men who got drugs in a daily dose of 20 mgs or less and also an absence of erectile dysfunction in 15% the patients who had daily dosage of over 40 mgs. Overall the results suggest that treatment with cialis Cialis vs viagra greek did not seem to